What is 'Fire Door Friday'?

#FireDoorFriday is a social media event on Twitter that brings together the FIRE DOOR community to share information, news and advice, to promote compliance and improve awareness of safety issues.

Creating a direct link between the everyone who works with, or is responsible for, fire door safety.

  • Product Manufacturers
  • Trade Associations
  • Fire Door Inspectors
  • Suppliers
  • Installation & Repair Companies
  • Landlords
  • Responsible Person(s)
  • Housing Associations
  • Schools
  • Care Homes
  • Business Owners
  • and many more...

Trade Associations & Certification Organisations

Trade Associations and Certification Organisations use #FireDoorFriday to improve access to safety information. 

They also promote the benefits of understanding fire regulations and the ways that their organisations provide vital support to individuals and businesses. 

Fire Door & Product Manufacturers

Manufacturers of fire safety products (including Fire Doors) use #FireDoorFriday to share information about their products. 

From new test evidence to new designs, this is a great way to let your potential customers know how your products can benefit their projects. 

Installation & Repair Companies

Companies involved in the installation or maintenance of Fire Doors are using #FireDoorFriday to find information, products and services that can support their fire door projects. 

This is the hashtag used to search for answers to technical questions and find ways your company can explore new products or information to help control project costs.


Suppliers of fire rated products are using #FireDoorFriday to share product information with customers and find out about new products that may help boost sales and benefit their customers.

It is also an opportunity for many suppliers to connect directly with customers, who may have questions about their products.

Landlords & Fire Door Owners

 Landlords and Fire Door Owners are using #FireDoorFriday to find out more about their personal responsibilities and gain access to the companies and professionals that can support them.

It is also an opportunity to share information about the ways in which the industry can better support landlords and highlight any issues that residents or owners feel should be addressed.

Companies & Organisations

 Companies are using #FireDoorFriday to explore the products and services that will help them minimise the impact of fire inspections etc.. on their businesses WITHOUT compromising on safety. 

Housing Associations, Care Homes & Schools etc...

Housing Associations, CareHomes, Schools and the NHS are using #FireDoorFriday to find information relating to fire compliance and explore the products/services available to best suit their fire door needs.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about #FireDoorFriday or how to get involved, please call us on 01305 457703 or email  info@Products4FireDoors.co.uk

Thank you, let's make 2020 the year we get together & improve the safety of EVERY fire door in the UK.