Intumescent & The Environment

Chemicals & Compounds

Fire protection products are made from specific chemicals and compounds so that they slow the spread of fire. 

While innovation continues, the use of some of these elements is currently unavoidable.

Carbon Footprint

Do you know how many stops your product makes before it gets to your door? 

HGV deliveries are estimated to make up 17% of UK GHG emissions from road transport and around 21% of road transport NOx emissions* 

Packaging & Plastics

While many products use plastic packaging to improve shelf life (food and grocery products), there is currently no shelf life requirements for passive fire products.

 Just 14% of the plastic packaging used globally makes its way to  recycling plants 

& 40% ends up  in landfill. *Unilever

Promoting Waste Recycling

We help promote products that are made by companies who maximise their waste recycling and prioritise the innovation of environmentally friendly products in the passive fire industry.

Whether that is by improving shelf life, minimising core packaging or using sustainable resources. 

Reduce Fuel Emmissions

We help to reduce the carbon footprint of our products by promoting the direct sale of goods. Instead of travelling around the UK, your goods can have one journey: from the manufacturer direct to your door. 

One delivery, direct from source.

Simple Packaging Solutions

We supply goods in as little packaging as possible (while ensuring the safe and sound delivery of the goods to your door).

Branding and posh boxes are nice but can double or triple the amount of paper, ink, cardboard and plastics used.