The Fire Door Challenge 2019!

Find out about how you can create better value for your fire door projects, in under 3 minutes

Take the Challenge!

WHAT is the Fire Door Challenge?


The Fire Door Challenge is designed to help companies easily find ways to ADD VALUE to their fire door projects. under 3 minutes!

  1. Tell us what you are buying
  2. We find the best product options
  3. You get a 'product switch report'

Full documentation, product brochures & prices.. delivered to you within 2 working hours!

WHY take the challenge?


Finding new products or switching suppliers can be time consuming and you can't always be sure that you will benefit from the move.

This challenge allows you to see if there are better products for your fire door projects WITHOUT spending a lot of time or effort chasing the details.

  • Fast, comprehensive information
  • 'Like for like' specification details
  • No obligation

HOW to take the challenge...


It couldn't be easier. Just complete the online questionnaire, giving us some basic details about the work you do and the products you use and you will receive:

  • Product brochures & specs
  • Tailored quote & costings
  • Product advice & support

...all in your inbox within 2 working hours!