Fire Testing & Specification


Product Testing & Standards

Fire products are strictly regulated so that they conform to the necessary safety standards.

It is vital that you use the correct products for your fire requirements. 

Always ask your supplier for documentation prior to purchase.

ALL our intumescent products have been tested and the test evidence, data sheets and specifications are all available, just ask! 

Please find below the different types of testing our products have achieved.

(For accurate product specifications and testing information please request a product data sheet as not all testing standards apply to all products).

Fire Testing

  • BS 476 part 22: 1987
  • BS EN 1634: 2008
  • Certifire Approved

Smoke Testing

  • BS 476 part 31.1: 1987

Acoustic Testing

  • BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995

Security Testing

  • PAS 23/24
  • BS EN 13724 (Clause 6.6.5)