Specification & Fire Test Documents

Types of documents available:

To make sure that you are buying the correct fire rated product for your fire door, there are a number of documents to consider reviewing:

Product Specification

These documents will not necessarily be official fire test or certificates but rather documents that give you a summary of the details and standards of the product:

  • Product applications
  • Product dimensions & installation instructions
  • Test standards reached (as a guideline only, see test or certificate for confirmation)
  • Sizes or colour options available
  • Any other general information about the products and their applications

Product Data Sheets

These documents are often summary sheets (maybe 1 or 2 pages) which detail the performance and nature of the products.

  • Physical & Chemical Properties
  • First Aid or Handling & Storage
  • Fire Fighting Measures required
  • Transport Information
  • Stability & Reactivity

Fire Test Evidence or Certificate

These documents contain the information about the testing the products have been subject to and the results of those tests.

  • How the product was tested
  • Which products were included in the test
  • How the products performed
  • Recommendations for installation of the products
  • Installation requirements (ie if intumescent protection was included and MUST be used)

Please be aware: The above advice is for reference ONLY and we would always suggest that you confirm ANY requirements with your fire door professional before purchase.

Examples of Testing Standards for our products:

Not all products have been tested to all standards, please contact us for specific details. 

Fire Testing

  • BS 476 part 22: 1987
  • BS EN 1634: 2008
  • Certifire Approved

Smoke Testing

  • BS 476 part 31.1: 1987

Acoustic Testing

  • BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995

Security Testing

  • PAS 23/24
  • BS EN 13724 (Clause 6.6.5)